The start of the driving season will be slightly different than usual. As you may have read, heard or seen over the past year, we are in the middle of an area that is to be developed, and our current tram sheds are also on the list to be demolished. We will get a brand new one in return, but until such time, a temporary shed will be built at the Jollenpad area, near the ringway A10.

Unfortunately such a building doesn’t erect itself overnight, and they are building literally over the line itself, we are blocked from exploiting our heritage line at least until the end of June 2024.

Instead we will ride from the Haarlemmermeer station to Dam Square and back as a shuttle service.

You will find the most frequently asked questions below. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

When will you be driving on your own heritage line again?

The intention is that the temporary shed will be ready by the end of June, and that we can start operating a timetable on the museum line again from the first Sunday of July, the 7th. This is of course subject to the condition that the aforementioned promised schedule is met.

What exactly does this mean, the shuttle service?

We will offer rides from the Haarlemmermeer station to and from the Center of Amsterdam (Dam) with connection to the Tourist Tram (line 20) on Dam Square under number 30B. As far as we know at this moment, we will be using our articulated trams for this purpose. We use the rate of the heritage line for this, because the duration and length of this ride are approximately the same.

Can I hop on or off along the line?

Unfortunately not, you can board at Dam Square or at Haarlemmermeer station. We do not want to get in the way of the GVB (Public Transport Provider) in this regard.

Will there also be a Combi card?

Of course! We will be selling combination tickets in the shuttle-service tram from the Haarlemmermeer station for a ride into the city, a ride on the tourist tram and then back to the Haarlemmermeer station.

Adults: €12.50 (-40%)
Children (0-11): €7.50 (-25%)

This saves 40% per ticket on the normal fare. Only the journey to the city there and back is the usual fare for line 30 (€7.50/€5.00), the same applies to the tourist tram line 20 (€10/€5.00).

I already have a ticket, now what?

Anyone who has already purchased a ticket online will receive a ride to the center of Amsterdam, a ride on the tourist tram, and back to the Haarlemmermeer station. This means you will get more value than what you paid for, but we think this is a fair deal. This applies to all tickets sold via “Actie van de Dag” and “Get Your Guide” before March 22, 2024.

The online presale of tickets is therefore closed on this date for line 30. You can still buy tickets online for the Tourist Tram, via the above providers.