Privacy Policy

Who are we?

We are the combined RETM / EMA / SBCAVM. Our website is: For more information about our organization, please visit the About Us page.

Reactions & Forms

When visitors leave a message on the page, whether or not via a comment or via a form, we collect the entered data and the IP address of origin. We use this, among other things, to prevent SPAM and to respond to your response/request.

An anonymized string of your email address (also called a hash) can be used to retrieve a “Gravatar” from this site if you ever created one. The Privacy Policy of the Gravatar service can be read here: After approval of your comment, this “Gravatar” may be visible as a replacement “profile photo” to anyone viewing the page in the context of your comment.


If you send us a photo or image, please be aware that it may contain GPS, location and/or EXIF data. Visitors to our website who see this photo can also view or retrieve this data. You are responsible for whether or not you delete this data before submitting it to us.


If you leave a comment on our site you may choose to save your name, email and/or website for the future so that you do not have to enter it again. These are stored in a so-called cookie on your own PC. These cookies have a lifespan of 1 (one) year. If desired, you can remove these from your computer yourself using the cleaning function of your internet browser.

When you visit our login page, a temporary cookie is placed on your computer that does not contain any personal data. This is to determine whether your browser accepts cookies. This cookie expires immediately when you close your browser and is automatically deleted.

When you log in or create an account, a number of necessary cookies are placed on your PC with your account details (encrypted or not), personal (display) preferences and, if you use the “remember me” function, also a cookie with an expiration period of 2 weeks with your session number. This session number, again, contains no personal data. As soon as you log out or the two-week period has expired, these cookies are automatically deleted.

Included or embedded content from third-party websites

Content from other websites that we have embedded for your convenience (e.g. YouTube videos, Facebook comments, Instagram posts, tweets, etc.) contain content that behaves exactly as if you had visited the website yourself.

These embedded websites (or parts of them) may also set cookies or collect data based on your interaction with this content. If your browser does not block or otherwise prevent this content, you are solely responsible for your interaction with it.

Whom we share your data with

Data you share with us will only be shared with direct stakeholders who are necessary for the processing of your booking/question/comment/response/complaint. If, for example, you book an event via our site that is organized and/or processed by a third party, we assume that you understand that your data will be processed in order to process your booking.

We can use Google Analytics for statistics, you can find Google’s privacy policy here:

We have no influence on the collection of data by third parties, you must contact the relevant party for this.

We do not sell/share/rent (meta)data to third parties other than what is stated in our privacy policy or what is imposed or required by law (police/justice).

How long do we save your data?

If you leave a comment on a message, this (meta)data will in principle be stored indefinitely. This (meta)data is also stored to allow for (faster) approval of any future messages.

Users who register and share their information with us will be retained for as long as the account exists. All users can view, edit (with the exception of the username) and/or delete their data if desired. Website administrators can also view and edit this data. Passwords are stored encrypted with encryption that only works one way, administrators cannot view or retrieve them, only reset and/or create a new one upon request.

What are your rights regarding your data?

If you have an account on this site, or have posted comments, you can request an export file containing all the personal data we have stored about you, including the data you have shared with us. You may also request that we delete all data we have about you, this of course does not include data that we must keep in order to comply with our (legal) obligations or for security reasons.

If you do not have an account/login, all data is anonymous and as such cannot be requested to be deleted.

Where your data is being sent to

Comments and forms can be partially or completely analyzed externally for possible SPAM. This is done anonymously as far as possible.