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A ride on a historic tram is a treat in itself. So anyone who has something to celebrate will have a double experience by using a museum tram for their celebration.

Through the city of Amsterdam

Riding through beautiful Amsterdam in a historic tram gives every celebration an extra touch! We offer 3 standard routes for your convenience.

If you’d like something a little more exclusive, like a custom route, that is certainly possible. We offer custom packages. However, because custom packages require a lot of custom work, there is an additional surcharge on top of the rental prices listed below. The surcharge is also listed in the pricing table.

Route 1

Deze route starts and terminates at our own Haarlemmermeerstation built in 1915. You are immediately immersed in a different era before you even board the tram. During this tour you will see most of the significant landmarks and tourist spots that Amsterdam has to offer. On this tour we have two possible photo opportunities, at the Plantage Parklaan near the Wertheimpark or at Dam Square in the city Centre.

Route 2

This route takes you, and brings you back, to the heart of our city: Dam Square. During this tour you will see most of the significant landmarks and tourist spots that Amsterdam has to offer. You can take your pictures at Dam Square or we can add an extra photo opportunity at the Plantage Parklaan near the Wertheim Park at your convenience.

Route 3

This route takes you from the oldest Zoo in the Netherlands (since 1838) and the fifth oldest zoo in the world and brings you along for most of the more significant landmarks and tourist-spots of our beautiful Amsterdam. We offer two possible photo opportunities on this route, at the Plantage Parklaan near the Wertheim Park at the beginning of the route, or at the heart of our city: Dam Square.

On the Heritage Line

There are also various options for private rides all year round on the heritage line between Haarlemmermeerstation and Amstelveen.

On Mondays to Fridays, and on Sundays outside of the driving season, you can enjoy the ride in your own tram. The advantage is that you not only have the tram, but also the railway to yourself. For rides on Saturdays, we must first consult with our track maintenance team, who are regularly working maintenance on the museum tram line.

If you want a ride on a Sunday during the driving season, but with only your own group in the car, we will connect a special trailer that is reserved just for you.


Your wedding ceremony in the tram? Of course that’s possible! Our trams are official wedding locations in Amsterdam and Amstelveen. The registrar will come on board to officially marry you. There is hardly a better way to symbolize embarking on a life’s journey together than with a tram ride to symbolize this.

In addition, it is very practical to transport your guests with a historic tram from, for example, the wedding location to the dinner location. Or you can offer them a pleasant break from the formal program of the day by offering a tram ride through Amsterdam or along the Amsterdam forest.


You have the option to use catering on the tram. We can book this for you with our recommended caterers or you can arrange catering yourself.

Unfortunately, we do not have tables on board most trams, so enjoying a full meal is unfortunately not possible. Something to drink and a snack is certainly possible.

Special Tickets

Do you want to issue special tickets for your event? We can also provide this service for you.

Rental Prospectus

Do you want to know what you can rent from us, what combinations are possible and have an indication of the pricing? Please download the prospectus and look at the pricing table below.

Pricing Tables

ModelSeatsCity Off-peak* p/hCity Peak* p/hLine off-peak* 0-2 hrLijn Peak* 0-2 hrRemarks
7220€ 815,-€ 930,-Out of Service
72 + 63340€ 925,-€ 1045,-Out of Service
14420€ 815,-€ 930,-
144 + 66340€ 925,-€ 1045,-
30720€ 815,-€ 930,-
307 + 79240€ 925,-€ 1045,-
123616€ 815,-€ 930,-
1236 + 74832€ 925,-€ 1045,-
40124€ 815,-€ 930,-
401 + 94654€ 925,-€ 1045,-
45422€ 675,-€ 780.-€ 350,-€ 405,-
454 + railcar42€ 460,-€ 530,-
46420€ 675,-€ 780,-Heated
464 + 77636€ 790,-€ 905,-Heated
46520€ 675,-€ 780,-
465 + 73140€ 790,-€ 905,-
53322€ 565,-€ 650,-
533 + 98748€ 675,-€ 780,-
58648€ 565,-€ 650,-Heated
60256€ 565,-€ 650,-Heated
79449€ 565,-€ 650,-Heated
82063€ 565,-€ 650,-Heated
91944€ 565,-€ 650,-€ 460,-€ 530,-Heated
2021€ 350,-€ 405,-Heated
20 + 4340€ 460,-€ 530,-Heated
35224€ 350,-€ 405,-
4120€ 350,-€ 405,-
81621€ 350,-€ 405,-
816 + 77950€ 460,-€ 530,-
50722€ 350,-€ 405,-
Extra 30 Min.€ 60,-€ 70,-
Private Extra Railcar€ 190,-
Wachttarief Eng/Eng+RC€60,- / €80,-€ 80,- / € 100,-
Cleaning Costs p/h€ 75,-€ 75,-€ 75,-€ 75,-Min. 1 hour.
Custom Route Package+10% surcharge on the total rental.

Peak (departure time): mo-fr before 18:00u (6PM)
Off-Peak (departure time): mo-fr after 18:00 (6PM), sa, su and Dutch holidays.
On all our services our Transport Terms of Service are applicable.

More information?

Want to know more about renting a tram? Feel free to Contact us. We have a brochure available or call us at: +31 (0)20 210 33 30.

Please note

For proper planning and implementation, your request for tram rental must be received by us no later than 30 days before the desired date. We need that period to arrange everything for you perfectly.

Our Transport terms and conditions apply to all rental activities and rides.

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