Heritage Line – Line 30

Due to unforeseen circumstances is the timetable on our heritage line postponed until at least the first weekend of July. For more information and explanation please see our news posting about this.

From the beginning of July to the end of October, our trams and busses operate an alternative timetable every Sunday between the Haarlemmermeer station (Amstelveenseweg 264), Amstelveen (Parklaan) and vice versa.

You can get off at any stop along the way and continue on the next tram. Please keep your ticket with you!

This way you can combine a visit to our line with, among other things:

  • A visit to the Olympic Stadium (Jan Wilsbrug stop).
  • A visit or walk in the Amsterdam forest (Koenenkade / Van Nijenrodeweg stop).
  • A visit to the Climbing Forest/Fun Forest Amsterdamse Bos (Van Nijenrodeweg stop).
  • A visit or walk through the Heemparken (Amsterdamseweg stop).
  • A visit or walk to the Bloesemtuin in the Broersepark (stop Molenweg / Parklaan).
  • A visit to the ANNA brewery in Amstelveen (Parklaan stop).


Down (south)

Stop/HaltTimesLast Ride
Haarlemmermeerstation D11.0011.30*.00 / *.3017.00
Remise Karperweg D11.0111.31*.01 / *.3117.01
Jan Wilsbrug D11.0311.33*.03 / *.3317.03
IJsbaanpad D11.0511.35*.05 / *.3517.05
Zuiderhof (Jollenpad) D11.0811.38*.08 / *.3817.08
Koenenkade D11.1011.40*.10 / *.4017.10
Van Nijenrodeweg D11.1211.42*.12 / *.4217.12
Kalfjeslaan D11.1511.45*.15 / *.4517.15
Amsterdamseweg D11.1911.49*.19 / *.4917.19
Karselaan D11.2111.51*.21 / *.5117.21
Molenweg D11.2211.52*.22 / *.5217.22
Parklaan A11.2511.55*.25 / *.5517.25
AmstelveenTemporarily out of Service
HandwegTemporarily out of Service
NoorddammerlaanTemporarily out of Service
BovenkerkTemporarily out of Service

Up (North)

Stop/HaltTimeLast Ride
BovenkerkTemporarily out of service
NoorddammerlaanTemporarily out of service
HandwegTemporarily out of service
AmstelveenTemporarily out of service
Parklaan D11.3512.05*.35 / *.0517.35
Molenweg D11.3612.06*.36 / *.0617.36
Karselaan D11.3812.08*.38 / *.0817.38
Amsterdamseweg D11.4012.10*.40 / *.1017.40
Kalfjeslaan D11.4612.16*.46 / *.1617.46
Van Nijenrodeweg D11.4912.19*.49 / *.1917.49
Koenenkade D11.5112.21*.51 / *.2117.51
Zuiderhof (Jollenpad) D11.5312.23*.53 / *.2317.53
IJsbaanpad D11.5412.24*.54 / *.2417.54
Jan Wilsbrug D11.5712.27*.57 / *.2717.57
Remise Karperweg D11.5912.29*.59 / *.2917.59
Haarlemmermeerstation A12.0012.30*.00 / *.3018.00


Return - Normal€ 7.50
Return - Reduced 1€ 5.00
One Way - Normal€ 5.00
One Way - Reduced 1€ 3.50
Day ticket - Normal 2€ 14,00
Day Ticket - Reduced 2€ 9,00
Season Ticket - Normal 3€ 50,00
Season Ticket - Reduced 3€ 25,00
(1) = Reduced fare is for children 4-11 years old, Seniors 65+, Canines and Felines that cannot be held on your lap and persons holding the Amsterdampas or Amstelveenpas. Children 0-3 are free, just like animals that can be seated on your lap.
(2) = Daytickets are only available in the tramshop at the Haarlemmermeerstation.
(3) = Season Tickets can only be ordered at the Haarlemmermeerstation, please bring a Passport Photograph.


Where is the Tram?

Click on one of the trams or stops for more information about expected arrivals and departures.