Ride on our own Line?

Want to take a ride with our historic trams on the last remains of the Haarlemmermeer Railways? Starting in July and running through October we are open every Sunday from 11:00 tot 17:00.

Ride through Amsterdam?

In an old tram from the last Century, surrounded by the smell of varnished teak wood and nostalgia driving through the center of Amsterdam. From April through October we run every weekend and on special occasions.


Wedding in a Tram? Businessparty?
Birthday? Celebration?
With a small or large group driving through Amsterdam or on our own line in a Historic Tram?
Round-trip or point-to-point transport?
It’s all possible!

The Heritage line re-opens on july 7th

The time has finally come, the temporary shed at the Jollenpad is as good as ready. This means that we will set up our trams here next weekend, and that our trams will start running again from Sunday, July 7! From the Haarlemmermeer station, in collaboration with the...

Important changes at the start of season 2024

The start of the driving season will be slightly different than usual. As you may have read, heard or seen over the past year, we are in the middle of an area that is to be developed, and our current tram sheds are also on the list to be demolished. We will get a...

New Milestone for the Restoration of the NBM 12

The restoration/reconstruction of the NBM 12 that is being carried out by the representatives of the Stichts Trammuseum has reached a new milestone. The superstructure was recently lifted onto the chassis, the so-called "truck". By achieving this milestone, another...

EMA welcomes Saint Nicholas

Just like last year, the EMA has contributed to the Saint Nicholas arrival with no fewer than 3 trams! It was quite the event again, with many happy children along the route. The 1236+748, the 465+600 and the 794 were represented in the procession. The local...
Heaven Is Mad (For You)

New album presented in heritage tram

In the run-up to the Amsterdam Dance Event 2023, DJ Reinier Zonneveld has presented his new album in the museum tram 820. This is decked out for the occasion in the same design of the new album Heaven Is Mad (For You). About sixty music journalists, influencers and...

Upcoming Events

Events in July 2024

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