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Tram rides

Look at Amsterdam from a different perspective...
Experience vintage travel


In our museum trams it's all about experiencing the way our grandparents used to travel by real working trams, no static exhibits.

You can enjoy a vintage tramride on our beautiful tramline from Haarlemmermeerstation to Amstelveen (line 30), or take a city tour on our line 20.

Operating days

You are welcome to join us for a ride!

We run tram services every Sunday (plus Easter Monday) during our operational season (line 30). The city tours on line 20 are available on various Saturdays throughout the year, plus a couple of extra days in May.


Tickets can be bought from the conductor on the tram, as was normal in the old days. You can pay in cash or by card.

Getting into the historic trams can be a bit of challenge: because of the higher build, some climbing is necessary. If you use a wheelchair or a stroller/buggy, this may not fit through the doors, because these are narrower than what we are used to nowadays. By folding the wheelchair or stroller/buggy this often can be solved, but sometimes not even then. Please keep this in mind.