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Queues for the Open Monument Days

This year, the City of Amsterdam asked us again to make the Haarlemmermeerstation available for the Open Monument Days on 11 and 12 September. The weather was good, the Covid-19 rules a little more flexible, so the people were up for a visit. Because our neighbours of The British School in the former prison building also were a monument location, and because we had junior guides, there was a lot of interest and people had to queue: 750 heads were counted. Thank you for your visit! (15-09-2021)

Special story: 600 kids rescued from the nazis

We just finished two days of rides for the Resistance Museum to tell the story of Henriette Pimentel who managed to rescue some 600 jewish kids from the Nazis in WW2, amongst others with the help of tram line 9. When the tram was at the stop, she let the kids disappear from her day care centre, just out of sight of the German guards across the street. Also some of those kids from back then were on these rides and told about their lives after this special escape. (30-07-2021)

Amsterdammer in Arnhem

This weekend, the tram track in the Open Air Museum celebrates its 25th anniversary. On that occasion, the Amsterdam 3-axle tram is running in Arnhem every weekend through 15 August. A nice change for those who are used to the Arnhem, The Hague and Rotterdam trams at this location. The 274 from The Hague in the photo has been decorated because it′s celebrating its 100th birthday. (25-07-2021)

Parklaan endstop is finished

Because of the widening of the A9 motorway, our museum tramline has been temporarily shortened somewhat. Close to the Parklaan in Amstelveen we have a new endstop and run-round loop. It needed some adjustments and starting today we can use it. Also, the boarding and disembarking passengers can use the new platform. When the A9 works have finished, we shall have full access to our original endstop in Bovenkerk again. (02-07-2021, photo M. Vermeulen)

New generation museum trams: 11G and 12G

The Museumtramlijn collection has grown by two more trams: the Amsterdam public transport GVB donated us an 11G (no 919) and a 12G (no 820) model, the 1989-1991 articulated trams with low central entrance. The arrival of the 15G (far right) made them obsolete. The low entrance was good for two nicknames (in Dutch): ‘stairs car’ or ′kick car′, and ‘potbelly’. Although they’re now terribly modern, at some point they will be as historic as our oldest trams, that were built almost 120 years ago. (14-6-2021, photo WvBeek)

Museumtramlijn helps GVB clearing city tracks

Snowfall brought the local city trams to a halt last week. And clearing the tracks wasn’t easy. But at the Museumtramlijn there are still historic working cars that were made for the job, like the Viennese 6011 (1912) and the Amsterdam brine car (since 1958) P7 (originally from 1919). In no-time they were ready to go, and line by line they mastered snow and ice in rails and switches. Our volunteers loved helping out in this useful way. The Amsterdam people were a bit surprised to see this special convoy passing by and neither did it stay unnoticed by the local press. (14-02-21)

Monument status for museum rail track