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Kinkerstraat reopened

Friday 3 March, the Kinkerstraat was reopened in a festive way, after almost a year of construction, with public tram rides that we were asked to run on behalf of GVB. Prior to that we had, as usual with construction works at tram tracks or power lines, run delivery rides to check if the modern and our historic trams could go past all stops, bends and switches without any problems. Sometimes it needs some extra tweaking, but usually not (06-03-2023, foto W. Wiefering).

Restoration HTM 816 ready

The restoration of the HTM 816 took a little longer than planned, but now the project is really done. In the mean time this tram from The Hague has made its first rides with passengers, together with the HTM 779, also known as ′Amalia′. In an almost stately manner this majestic tram set traveled to Amstelveen and back. (21-09-2022) Photo: R Naber.

Restoration 'large balcony car' 1236 + 748 finished

After a thorough restoration of a couple of years, representatives of the Edwin Bouw Fonds have officially put into use again the 'large balcony car' 1236 (built in 1913), together with trailer car 748. The project has been executed most carefully, thanks to which the tram looks flawless again, with the specs as it left the service in 1960. The tram originally drove around under no. 236. The Museumtramlijn owes the Edwin Bouw Fonds many thanks for its generous contribution to this project. (23-07-2022)

3-axle 903 to Dutch Open Air Museum

Our 3-axle tram 903 has left for a new place of work: the Dutch Open Air Museum (NOM) in Arnhem. Up till now, the NOM tram collection was only still missing one from Amsterdam. With the trams, visitors can roam the Arnhem museum park. And our collection manager must take care that in future we will fit in our new housing. That′s why we said farewell to the 903, since we still have two more 3-axle engine cars. Later, also a 3-axle trailer car will move to Arnhem. (23-06-2022) Photo MV.

Extra platform at Parklaan stop

Because of the enlargement of motorway A9 our rides end at the Parklaan in Amstelveen, where a stop and pass-by track have been constructed. But it turned out not to function too well. So we have now added an extra platform, at which the passengers can disembark and get on the departing tram a few minutes later. The tram that arrived last now stays out of the way of the departing one - and the schedule is not messed up so easily anymore. (30-04-2022)

Agreement with city government on new housing

Friday 3 December 2021, after about ten years of discussion, alderperson Van Doorninck, city district chairman Capel and our board members have signed the agreement that will lead to our new housing in the Havenstraat area. We shall have 1400 sq.m. as tram depot and workshop. A part of the project plan will need more detail, especially regarding execution. A lot of work is still waiting, like soil cleanup and a complex construction. The plan is that the total, with 500 apartments, commercial space and a school, will be ready in 2026.

Queues for the Open Monument Days

This year, the City of Amsterdam asked us again to make the Haarlemmermeerstation available for the Open Monument Days on 11 and 12 September. The weather was good, the Covid-19 rules a little more flexible, so the people were up for a visit. Because our neighbours of The British School in the former prison building also were a monument location, and because we had junior guides, there was a lot of interest and people had to queue: 750 heads were counted. Thank you for your visit! (15-09-2021)

Special story: 600 kids rescued from the nazis

We just finished two days of rides for the Resistance Museum to tell the story of Henriette Pimentel who managed to rescue some 600 jewish kids from the Nazis in WW2, amongst others with the help of tram line 9. When the tram was at the stop, she let the kids disappear from her day care centre, just out of sight of the German guards across the street. Also some of those kids from back then were on these rides and told about their lives after this special escape. (30-07-2021)

Amsterdammer in Arnhem

This weekend, the tram track in the Open Air Museum celebrates its 25th anniversary. On that occasion, the Amsterdam 3-axle tram is running in Arnhem every weekend through 15 August. A nice change for those who are used to the Arnhem, The Hague and Rotterdam trams at this location. The 274 from The Hague in the photo has been decorated because it's celebrating its 100th birthday. (25-07-2021)

Parklaan endstop is finished